Central Library Consortium FAQ's

What is the Central Library Consortium (CLC)?  

The Central Library Consortium (CLC) is a network of Central Ohio libraries working together to provide an extensive amount of resources to their patrons. Started in 1988 with four libraries, it will expand to 14 members in April, 2014 and give patrons access to over 4.5 million items.

What are some of the benefits of joining the CLC?

  • Patrons will have access to over 4.5 million items through the Bexley Public Library catalog. (compared to about 350,000 items currently).
  • New Online Catalog. Accessed through www.bexleylibrary.org, this catalog will be easier to use than our current catalog, and will provide helpful search features like spell-check and the ability to preview book covers and plot summaries. Our knowledgeable staff will be ready to answer any questions you have.
  • This new catalog includes a mobile-friendly version for your smartphone or tablet.
  • You will now be able to pay fines online.
  • You will be able to receive text-message notifications with important patron updates.
  • While all items checked-out through Bexley Public Library will be held and picked up here, you can return your materials to any CLC member library.

When will this happen?

Bexley Public Library will become a member of the CLC on April 9, 2014. The library is currently in the process of preparing for this exciting transition. The online catalog will be down April 3-8 and will come back online on April 9 when the transition is complete. During this time, patrons will still be able to check out items, however reserves and check-ins will not be available until April 9. This “down-time” will be the same at all 14 CLC member libraries, so expect some limitations from April 3-8. On April 9, you will have access to over 4 million more resources than you had the day before. 

Is Bexley Public Library still an independent library?

Yes, we are not becoming a branch of another library. We will remain an independent library with the same mission as before; to enlighten, engage, and inspire our community of lifelong learners. While joining the CLC brings great benefits to our patron community, we will still be YOUR Bexley Public Library.

Will I have to wait longer to get an item with a reserve list?

Bexley Library patrons will automatically go to the top of the reserve list for any item owned by Bexley Public Library (i.e., you will go to the first available spot behind other Bexley patrons on the reserve list). This ensures that you will continue to have easy access to all of the present and future items we own. We will share our titles and will also receive the shared resources of 13 other libraries. This gives you unprecedented access to items from 14 different libraries, all brought to your doorstep at Bexley Public Library.

Will we still buy new items for our collection?

Yes! We are planning to invest even more in new resources this year than in previous years. While we give our patrons access to millions of resources through the CLC partnership, we will also continue to cultivate our own unique collection.

How will the check-out process work? Do I need to go to other libraries to get items they own?

The check-out process remains essentially the same. You will be able to use our new and improved online catalog to reserve items from 14 different libraries (including Bexley Public Library). Instead of picking up items from other libraries yourself, your reserves will be sent to BPL for you to pick up here.  You will be notified when items have arrived, and they will be waiting for you in our “holds” area. Items will arrive within 3 days and be held for you to pick-up for 5 days. Just as before, you can use your existing Bexley Public Library card to check-out the item. All loan periods and fine amounts will be set by Bexley Public Library regardless of the library source for each item.

More Questions? We’ve got answers! Contact the Circulation Department at 614-231-8741 with any questions about this exciting transition. 

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