Unique Circulating Collections

Unique Circulating Items are part of the library’s commitment to discovery, exploration and learning. All items are available to Bexley card holders who have accounts in good standing. Unique Circulating Items must also be checked out and returned in person to Bexley Public Library’s Circulation desk, and have late fees of $5/day.

Mobile WiFi Hotspots

These devices provide a portable, reliable, high-speed internet connection that patrons can take with them wherever they go for a 14-day checkout period. Once checked out, the mobile hotspot can be used anywhere to get a wireless signal and connect any WiFi-enabled mobile device, laptop computer, printer, digital camera or gaming device. Whether they are used for family road trips, field research, or a job search, these mobile hotspots with unlimited data will provide increased access to online resources twenty-four hours a day from anywhere.

You can find information, instructions and lending rules for the mobile hotspots here.

Birding Kits

Two birding kits, one for individuals and one for families, are available for a two-week checkout period. Each pack contains one set of binoculars, a variety of three field guides, two birding activity sheets, and a Birding Quick Start Guide. The family kit includes an extra set of compact binoculars suitable for a child or adult.

You can find information about birding kits here.


Board Games

Thanks to a generous donation from the Friends of Bexley Public Library, Bexley Public Library now has circulating board games in our Adult and Youth Services departments! We have a number of new favorites, old classics, strategy, and cooperative games that are fun for the whole family. These games can be found in our Browsing Room and Youth Services area, or in our catalog by searching for the game title. A full updated list of the games in our collection can be found at https://boardgamegeek.com/collection/user/bexleylibrary.  For more information on checking out our games, read the Board Game FAQ here.


Circulating Instruments

Two acoustic guitars and two ukuleles are available for a 28 day checkout period.

Each instrument comes with a hard case, a tuner, and two instruction books- one for adults and one for youth. The guitars also come with a strap and BPL branded guitar picks.

You can find information about lending rules for guitars and ukuleles here.


Roku Streaming Devices

Bexley Public Library is now circulating Roku streaming devices. BPL patrons can stream dozens of popular TV shows and movies through the Vudu app. Each device has a collection of over two dozen movies and shows, each organized by genre.

You can find information and lending rules for the Rokus here.


Two telescopes are available for patrons to view astronomical events, learn more about our solar system and develop a greater appreciation for the earth’s place in the universe. These telescope kits include EZ Finder Scopes for aiming, instructions, eyepieces for magnification, LED mini red flashlights to help with night vision, and skygazing resources.

Patrons can choose between a tabletop telescope and standing telescope.

You can find lending rules for telescopes here.

Orion Starblast 4.5 Astro Reflector tabletop telescope is easy to set up and use. Recommended for beginners.

Tabletop/ Beginner Telescope Instructions

The Orion Starblast 4.5 Equatorial telescope is recommended for advanced users. The telescope is already balanced for use: please do not adjust the mount.

Standing/ Advanced Telescope Instructions

Columbus Astronomical Society has regular astronomical activities and information about local observing sites.

The John Glenn Astronomy Park is in the Hocking Hills and has programming throughout the year. According to its website, it is one of the few areas left in Ohio where the night sky can be seen in a near pristine state.   

Remember to never point your telescope at the sun!